Friday. Which could be the start of something pretty major depending on your "living for the weekend" outlook / your work ethic. 

And this particular Friday consists of: 
• A 24 email exchange with HK about how much uproar his offensive yet hilarious Halloween costume for next weekend will stir. 
• 46 actual work related emails (Corporate slave).
• An 11 message discussion with BB about gym strength and the faux intellectualism of a well known blogger/ writer. 
• A 45 minute conference call with a big wig earning big benjis per minute (Disgruntled corporate slave).

And after all this exhaustive behaviour I leave with GG for the gym where his housemate, who we'll call John, meets us and we train legs. 

After an hour I lose my patience with the crowds of fat people making room for the kebab they'll doubtlessly cram into their piggy faces in eight hours time, and leave GG and John to it.

On the way to home I stop off to tan, because pale and interesting will never quite workout for me, and burn, badly. 

DL (my boyfriend) laughs and I spend the rest of Friday in a grump listening to Adele's new song till I'm bored of it. 


Anonymous said...

Oh look, someone's still blogging. How 2006. And none the worse for it.

Nice to observe significant signs of life. You go, um, boy.

Fond memories of a couple of long msn sessions with you. Legs AND lips? Irresistable combo.

M. Odesty said...

Thanks Anon. 2006 was a good year.
Interest perked. Who are you?