And a hundred thousand lights glisten across the sheet of otherwise un-disturbed blackness that forms a river while I’m stood looking out from this top floor apartment in the city. And as I’m standing there watching as a ferry passes by, dividing the never-ending sheet of darkness momentarily, I’m thinking about everything and nothing at all. All about the rapidity of change, about people, the evasiveness of clarity on the simplest of things anymore, about materialistic needs and, without even knowing it, wondering when these two existences so perfectly constructed, executed with such great precision, old existences and new, collided.
And for a long pause the world is alien.


Anonymous said...

your writing is gorgeous - always making me think. I missed it! :)

MollyAdelaide said...

I adore you.
I hope things are getting better.
Much love from australia.

SarahSchrei said...

Honestly, these moments are glorious, as is your writing ability.
I like not entirely knowing what to make of te world; I don't know if that's completely normal, and frankly, I don't care. =]
You make me smile

Valentina_s said...

beautiful pictures!
nice blog!

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Mademoiselle Flattery said...

If it means what i think it means.... <333333333333333333333333

abristolnovella said...

call me xx

Mademoiselle Flattery said...

This is my favourite post of yours ever.

It's so beautifully written that i thought it was from Victor Hugo or someone as great as he is, and I kept trying to remember the exact words so that i could google the novel i thought i'd read it in, so that i could put it as a facebook status... and just by sheer luck, i found this post. Again.